How To Reduce Stress

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How to Reduce Stress is a fascinating book that takes you on a journey of personal discovery.



How to Reduce Stress is a fascinating book that takes you on a journey of personal discovery.

With forty-three case studies which have been collected over forty years, the book’s main aim is to reduce stress. By understanding how your Ego Personality States interact with other areas of your mind, you gain control and work with your physiology; this control helps you to create a balanced life and reduce stress. As you read, you may identify with different ego-personality states contained within each of the case studies. The author outlines and writes each study with integrity while identifying the key characteristics of the work.

The book goes into great depth about Emotional Intelligence and its role in self, family and work. In addition, the book identifies new research containing your Stress Monitor and your Centre of Intelligence. When you know how to drive your mind, the world can become an oyster for personal experiences, leading to better health, life sustainability, personal growth and the doors that were once closed to you can become an open pathway and opportunity.

How to Reduce Stress can help and support you and those people who are facing dilemmas, challenges and changes happening in their lives.

A note from the author..

“Life can issue some difficult and hard lessons – this is life. Regardless of our situation, our challenge is to make life work for us. Through difficult times, we can go through mentally dark and challenging times. It is having to mental strength to see these challenges as a time of growth and not of destruction. I too have had to learn these lessons – these experiences is what makes book writing possible.”

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