Will Jones’ Space Adventures and the Zadrillan Queen [PLAY] Teacher’s Resource Pack

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Will Jones Space Adventures and The Zadrilian Queen is the next book in the progression of the Will Jones Story.


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‘This is an exciting novel that can be used by children in so many different ways. Primarily, the book can be as a fun, exciting book that allows children to think the right way: How much money do they have?

  • How do they spend and save money?
  • When do they use a helmet when cycling and what are the consequences of not using one?
  • Maintaining and looking after things – Will’s bike is fixed by a member of the Grigan race from the Planet of Grigan.
  • Family values, rules and ethics.
  • Will learnt such great lessons on the Planet of Zadril.

Lovely ending; makes you want to read the next book.’

Liz Pennell, Teacher and Mother.

Many of the above questions are answered through the connections made from the Will Jones and the Zadrilian Queen story book and Play.

The Resource Pack further adds to the learning done. The value of earned money is enhanced; how to keep track of time when a young person is thinking about finding work; the cost for goods and services they may use and many other life skills are built through their gained understanding during the process of learning with the story of the Zadrilian Queen.


Format:      Paperback          Size:          14.8cm x 21cm (A5)

Pages:        41                      Word Count:        5,106